LCA, Inc. provides comprehensive lead-based paint (LBP) Surveys, Inspections and Risk Assessments. These surveys are extensive and involve identification and analysis of potential areas that may contain LBP. EPA and State Certified Lead Inspectors and Risk Assessors perform the work to meet various OSHA, HUD, and EPA regulatory requirements.

The primary method for the detection of LBP is through the use of an x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrum analyzer. This XRF uses x-rays to penetrate the surface being surveyed without disturbing or damaging the surface and produces an instantaneous read-out describing the LBP content in milligrams per square centimeter (mg/cm2). The XRF spectrum analyzer allows the operator to download the information to a personal computer to create a results table. Using an XRF analyzer significantly reduces the LBP survey fees. LCA, Inc. provides a final report for each investigation that includes the scope of work, sampling procedures, a description of the structure, analysis of results and recommendations based on findings.


LCA, Inc. is an experienced asbestos-consulting firm recognized for its quality investigations and cost-effective project management services of asbestos containing materials (ACM). LCA, Inc. provides a full range of scope of services required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and numerous State regulatory agencies. Our services include AHERA type Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Abatement Design, Preparation of Bid Documents, Project Oversight and Third Party Air Monitoring. LCA, Inc. asbestos technicians are licensed by the USEPA and by a majority of states requiring certification. Our personnel are required to have a broad knowledge of Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) with a solid foundation in construction and asbestos abatement management.

LCA, Inc. provides with each inspection, an asbestos report of findings that is designed to convey the data collected from sampling in a clear and concise manner. LCA, Inc. categorizes the risk for damage to the ACM and determines an abatement priority category for each homogeneous material. In cases where asbestos abatement is required, LCA, Inc. will provide experienced EPA & State certified asbestos project designers to develop a complete set of plans and specifications sufficient enough for the client to receive competitive contractor bids to complete the physical ACM abatement and/or demolition work.

LCA, Inc. is licensed to perform project oversight and third party air monitoring consistent with current OSHA, EPA, NIOSH and AIHA regulations and well as with appropriate state guidelines. LCA, Inc. assigns a certified EPA asbestos staff professional for the duration of the asbestos abatement project. The staff documents the abatement, maintains a daily report describing procedures employed by the contractor, and collects air samples.


LCA, Inc. utilizes industrial hygiene technicians and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CHI) to perform Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Investigations and evaluate indoor environments. Typically the purpose of the investigations is to evaluate conditions within the building and compare the findings to existing guidelines. Our final reports will include an assessment of the building’s conditions, our recommendations (as necessary) for improving the indoor air quality conditions, and the analytical data to support our findings.

In addition LCA, Inc. performs a variety of microbial related services. LCA, Inc. can provide a microbial investigation that includes, as appropriate, sampling, identification, and assessment for microbial growth contamination. A trained professional with demonstrated experience in microbial growth investigations would assess the current condition of the property. A limited visual evaluation is performed to identify all visible and obvious microbial growth contamination found in the building. Source sampling indoors and outdoors (for comparison) for potential microbial growth would be performed in order to identify signature organisms and to develop a comprehensive and effective Remediation Plan. In addition, IAQ measurements of temperature, carbon dioxide, and relative humidity would be collected in each of the rooms along with outdoor measurements for comparison.

If directed by the client, LCA, Inc. will design a site-specific mold remediation plan based on the results found in the microbial investigation. The plan includes a detailed description of the scope of work and will include information regarding project coordination, site-specific remediation guidelines and procedures, site sampling strategies, and protocols along with all general conditions.


LCA, Inc. can prepare Plans and Specifications for your abatement project. We will prepare a set of bid documents based on the project plans and specifications sufficient enough for the client to receive competitive contractor bids to complete the physical abatement work. As part of the bidding phase of the project LCA, Inc. will conduct a pre-bid walkthrough with the contractors, and answer or clarify any of their questions. We will collect; open review and tabulate bids, along with evaluate the experience of each qualified abatement company. Lastly we will make a recommendation for contract award and follow-up by providing project oversight.

LCA, Inc. will manage the abatement contractor activities to ensure that the abatement work is adhering to the regulatory requirements as well as the Project Specifications. At the completion of the abatement activities, LCA, Inc. will produce a complete set of closeout documents that includes daily field reports, a record of waste manifests, and any other pertinent documentation.


LCA, Inc. can provide administrative services for the preparation of bidding information, bidding documents and the contractual agreement between the client and abatement contractor. During pre-bid meetings and walk-through, LCA, Inc. advises potential asbestos abatement contractors of the “Scope of Services” compliance requirements and answers questions regarding the project. We assist clients in obtaining bids from qualified abatement contractors and submit interpretations and clarifications of drawings and specifications. Following receipt of the bids, LCA, Inc. can review the Contractor’s experience, qualifications and their cost proposal and render an opinion for contract award.